In the first and most important step, we spend a great deal of time with you, walking around the property and listening to your thoughts and priorities. Our purpose is to ascertain how the space will be used and to determine your personal style. We photograph and take measurements in order to accurately design and estimate your project. Your personal input is very important.


We will create a hand-rendered or computer generated, detailed drawing, taking into consideration property conditions such as changes in elevation, sun angles, views, existing structures and plants. We then review the plan with you, walking you through each and every element of the design. Again, your input is important to us, and we will make revisions as needed to create the final design.


Once the design plan meets your satisfaction and the budget is finalized, we begin the site preparation and construction phase. Brian Szul, our Hardscape Foreman, oversees all of our Hardscaping Projects, from the initial layout to the end. Our Landscape Architect, Michele Tomori, hand-selects plants and oversees every detail of the transformation. We are committed to creating a landscape that you and your family will enjoy for years to come and one that will add value to your home.
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